Flying beyond Obstacles is an epic non-fiction memoir of a misunderstood genius physician, Jane Summers MD, who struggles to defy life and redefine herself, after a ventilator is nearly disconnected, and four years later diagnosing cancer in herself, all before age 40.

She finds her uncanny recovery from a Traumatic Brain Injury, (TBI), that she is treated as if she is hard of hearing, ,mentally retarded, or has dementia and dedicates herself to understand why.

She concludes that TBI, (both mild and severe), is a contemporary disease, a consequence of advances in modern medical technology, now saving lives lives who otherwise would have died. She would be dead if her accident had happened 20 years earlier. She heals herself using the spiritual laws of the Universe and quantum physics, and continues to heal others. She shares a backdoor look at medical training and what is is like to deal with doctors at the wrong end of the stethoscope.



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